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Boarding a Plane Full of Geeks

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Finally! I’m going to CHINA.  It’s been on my to-do list for 2 years now.  On Sunday (June 7th) I’ll be boarding a plane with 35+ other geeks headed to Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai with the goal of gaining insight into the tech & innovation trends coming out of East Asia.

Also on the agenda is two Startonomics events where (Beijing) I’ll be presenting on applying Startup Metrics to a group of Tech Entrepreneurs.

Overview of www.GeeksOnAPlane.com

Organized by Web2Asia (@web2asia), The Founders Fund and Dave McClure. We are inviting international investors and tech entrepreneurs on a 10 day orientation tour of Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai’s Internet, Mobile & Gaming sector.

Follow the fun on Twitter: @geeksonaplane

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