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Kiva Developer Garage: Apps That Change Lives

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On June 6th we held the first Kiva.org Dev Garage to help introduce developers to the new Kiva Data API. This event was a huge success and will definitely provide a foundation to help bring awareness to our efforts.

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Who came?

Some of the top CTO’s and engineers from the bay area, along with other designers and community managers who help document and spread the message.

25 developers, marketers, and community strategists descended on the Kiva headquarters to give the new Kiva API a workout. Check out http://blog.build.kiva.org to learn how you can get involved.

Thanks to all who attended and helped out!

Johann, Rich, Chris, Can, Tony, Joshua, Ethan, Thomas, Laura, Cameron, Tamara, Halle, Skylar, Jon, Louis, Bill, Hason, Cyril, Azin, King and anyone else that I missed.

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