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How To Brand Your Business (And Standout In Your Market)

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How do you create a brand that stands out in your market?

A brand that ascribes itself in permanent ink on the minds of your ideal client from the moment they first encounter it?

That’s what I tackle in this week’s video.

It all comes down to your brand.

Your brand is what people “feel” about your business.

It’s the outcome of every interaction, direct or indirect, that someone has with your business.

A truth: your brand can’t be created, it can only be extracted.

It comes from within.

In this week’s video I’ll show you how I helped my sister-in-law create an amazing brand that’s helped her stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace (real estate)…

… as well as the branding framework I turn to over and over again to create brands that sparks loyalty, affinity (and sales).

It all comes down to these 3 steps:

1. Values: If you have kids, what beliefs would you leave them?
2. Ideal Customer: Who would you love to serve AND that has money?
3. Irresistible Offer: Education value, guarantee, no brainer.

Ignore these steps and you’ll just blend in with the rest of your competitors… just another “me too” product/service that does X.

I believe you can do better.

I KNOW you can do better!

Follow these 3 steps and share with me below in the comments what you came up with!

Have an incredible day!

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