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4 Tips For Beating An Entrepreneurial Funk

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Have you ever found yourself in an entrepreneurial funk?

The kind where you postpone your big calls and flake out on social invites so you can stay home and binge watch House of Cards?

Some call it the Entrepreneurial Pendulum where you swing from exclamation mark !, filled with a feeling of certainty and excitement…

… to question mark ?, where you start questioning everything in your life, and desperately wonder how you can possibly succeed.

The truth is entrepreneurial depression is real.

Many entrepreneurs don’t even know they have it.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it… it’s part of the game.

It’s what makes it so much fun.

The highs are HIGH, and the lows are LOW.

Some call it the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster.

And while all entrepreneurs will hit it at some point…

… the REALLY successful ones are those who have developed the skills and strategies to cope with the dips so that they can quickly return to the peaks with as little self-inflicted damage as possible.

So what I want to share with you today is exactly how to reduce the turbulence and decrease the amount of time you spend in the “?” state, so you can quickly bounce back and continue scaling your business.

Any one of the 4 strategies I share in this week’s video has the power to lift you out of the funk.

If you test out all 4, chances are you’ll walk away renewed, rejuvenated and with an amped up readiness to step back in the ring and fight another fight.

Here they are…

1) Create a list of your accomplishments… no achievement is too small.
2) Reconnect with your “Why”, the reason you started, the wrong you wanted to right.
3) Create an attitude of gratitude by writing down things you appreciate.
4) MOVE! Get some exercise… even if it’s walking.

As soon as I feel a shift happening inside I execute one of these strategies to realign my focus so that I can avoid the “?”.

Nothing will bring you more productivity than the ability to control your emotions.

If there’s an amazing entrepreneur in your life that you care deeply about, please share this video with them – could mean the difference between keeping on going and giving up.

Also, if you have a key strategy you use to get out of your funks, be sure to leave a comment with your approach.

Have an incredible day!

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