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3 Strategies To Up Your Startup Sales Game

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I polluted the environment for my education.

Yep, I’ll admit it.

Now before you get all green peace on me ….

… let me tell you what happened.

Here’s the dealio….

… as a young entrepreneur who absolutely sucked at selling I decided I needed some help.

At the time I was trying to sell to Fortune 500 C-Level people our consulting services (i.e. Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, etc..) – to say I was punching above my weight would be an understatement.

So I went to the bookstore and bought $200 dollars worth of audiobooks on selling.

I bought all the top ones from legends like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Chet Holmes and many others.

To find time to consume them all, I would add an extra hour on my commute home after working all day and drive around taking it all in.

On weekends I would go for 2-3 hour drives trying to consume it all.

That’s when it all came together.

I started piecing together how great sales people looked at sales.

Instead of thinking of it as one person trying to convince someone else to buy something they didn’t need (which isn’t true in the first place), they re-framed it to “enthusiasm transferred.”


Oh, I had enthusiasm. I was a nerd and passionate about what I was building.

And the moment I learnt how to not only EMBRACE my enthusiasm, but weave it strategically into every conversation, was the day my ability to sell reached a whole new level.

In this weeks video I share the top 3 lessons I learned so that you can dominate your sales like a pro and grow your business.

If you need a recap, here they are…. but best for you to watch the video to get the complete picture.

1. Always qualify leads (potential customers) so you don’t waste your time with someone who would never buy.
2. Identify their needs by asking questions so you can better serve them with your solution.
3. Present your solution with enthusiasm so they FEEL you caring about their success.

If you can master these 3 strategies then your startup will soar!

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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?