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3 Steps to Increasing Your Average Revenue Per Customer

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GoDaddy is the ultimate revenue optimization service.

Have you bought a domain from them lately?

How hard is it to buy a $14.99 domain?

Near impossible!

Yet, did you ever notice that by the time you punch in your credit card details on the checkout page, the transaction has often more than tripled?

Infuriating on one level. Enlightening on another.

So how are they so successful at this?

And more importantly, how can you replicate it in your own business?

The reason for their success is simple…

… they understand the 3 levers to pull to increase the average revenue per customer.

The very same levers YOU can pull to increase your revenue by 33% with just some simple tweaks.

It’s a real gamechanger.

And that’s what I want to share with you in this week’s video.

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Here are the 3 levers to making more money:

1. Charge more
2. Increase average transaction size
3. Increase the frequency that they buy

If all you did was increase each one of these by 10%, the compounding effect would be a 33% increase in revenue.

That’s HUGE!..

… and it’s not that unrealistic.

So my challenge for you this week is to simply try it, test it, tweak it…

… and then report back with your biggest wins.

If you have any killer strategies to increasing revenues, please leave a comment below.

Here’s to making more money!

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