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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 35 – Carrie Osman @ Cruxy & Company

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When you first came up with a price for your SaaS product, I bet you did one of 3 things:

  1. Picked a low number because “you’re just starting out”
  2. Matched (or beat) a competitor’s price
  3. Chose a number based on what you would spend

How would you feel if I told you to take that price… and double it?

Nervous, right?

Pricing strategy is where many SaaS founders get nervous, panic and shoot themselves in the foot, yet it’s one of the most crucial numbers for scaling and growth.

I want to introduce you to someone that can help: 

Meet Carrie Osman, CEO and founder of Cruxy & Company, and my latest guest on the Escape Velocity Show.

Cruxy & Company is a business strategy firm that helps B2B tech and fintech companies rebuild their business model and optimize their revenue.

One of Carrie’s areas of expertise is pricing.

With her team, she will dig up exhaustive data and present strategic findings in a way that makes restructuring a pricing model a no-brainer.

It’s like hiring a team of experts to give you the perfect answer so you can MOVE ON.

I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with Carrie about how she runs her consultancy and why they’ve grown to such high praise amongst tech companies.

Check it out!

What amazes me about Carrie is her energy. She’s everyone’s friend, always active, and relentlessly hard working.

In this episode, she gave me the low-down on:

  • How action (not theory) creates growth
  • The value of emotional intelligence
  • Why she sold her sports car and left a great job to start Cruxy
  • The ‘one piece of paper’ strategy
  • Why what you’re NOT doing matters more than what you are
  • Running effective 1-on-1s
  • What ‘frogging it’ means
  • How hiring a consultant means paying only for results
  • The difference in selling to the USA or the UK
  • Her 3-favours rule

If you’re new to the idea of hiring consultants for short bursts of high-value work, then this episode is absolutely worth a listen.

Carrie doesn’t just share her perspective on business growth and strategy; you’ll also understand how great consultants think.

You already know I’m a HUGE supporter of paying for great advice…

Hiring a firm like Cruxy & Company is an extension of that idea.

Grab your headphones and enjoy the episode here.


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