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What Should The Day of a CEO Look Like?

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If I asked you to pull out your calendar right now, how much white space would I see?

Would it look like Eastern Canada in the middle of January? Or…

… would you need to call an elite squad of super assistants to help mitigate the multi-colored mess in front of you?

In today’s video, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how much “white space” you need to keep on your calendar to make sure you’re performing at your highest level, while remaining agile enough to seize the game changing growth opportunities in front of you.

In addition to that, you’ll learn the 5 indispensable daily habits you can implement TODAY to ensure that:

  • Your team members are crystal clear on your company’s BIG mission, and know exactly what they need to do to help get you there
  • You take consistent action on high outcome projects (instead of letting them fizzle out on the backburner)
  • You remain on the cutting edge of what your market is desperately craving… and move faster than your competition in creating it

At first glance, some of these habits may sound overly simple (maybe even idealistic), yet when I speak with most struggling CEO’s, I learn that they’re barely implementing ANY of them.

Which is insane considering the HUGE payoffs they’re missing out on. Things like:

A highly engaged team willing to go the extra mile to get sh*t done
Steady progress on game changing projects that fuel your company’s growth
An increased capacity to LEAD with confidence instead of running around to put out every little fire

So if you feel your routine could use an upgrade, then start with the strategies in today’s video and leave a comment below to tell me which you plan to implement.

(Hint: There’s absolutely no reason not to give NUMBER 4 a shot today)

Have an amazing day!


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