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7 Types of Content Marketing That Converts Customers

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My brother Pierre builds houses.

Huge, jaw-dropping, “how-do-those-even-exist” kind of houses.

A few years ago he asked me what he should blog about to attract the type of customers who could even buy those kinds of houses.

And I said…

Anything that you think they would want to read.

So he took action – that’s my brother – and started writing things like this:

What’s The Best Restaurant in Moncton for a Romantic Date?

Did it attract ideal customers? Nope.

Did people in his city like it? Of course.

It was my fault.

(Sorry, little bro)

Even though I had been rapidly building software companies by leveraging content marketing as the primary channel, I didn’t give him a formula to follow.

But I’m a bad big bro no more 😉

Time to make amends for the rest of you.

That’s why in this week’s video, I cover the exact content marketing formula that’s been the bedrock behind my rapid growth, so that you can avoid wasting time & money on content that doesn’t attract and convert customers for your business.

There are 7 types of content that get a lot of shares and will position your company as the one that can help them solve the problem your product / agency / solution solves:

  1. Challenges They Encounter
  2. How To Achieve Results
  3. Biographies
  4. Opinion Pieces
  5. Product Reviews
  6. Lists / References
  7. Case Studies

I even share the ultimate pro-tip if you’ve got the talent to pull it off.

It’ll allow you to create a piece that gets thousands of shares and will continue driving traffic for years to come…

… but it takes work.

Leave a comment with your content marketing questions and any other types of pieces that you’re creating that work well.

Would love to read them.

Hope you’re having an awesome day!

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