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Creating a Limited-Time Offer: 5 Strategies That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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Have you created a limited-time offer before?

Black Friday sale? Pre-selling your product? An end of year campaign?

Although it sounds like a great idea, be warned…

It’s a double-edged sword.

Done right, a limited-time offer is a massive cash injection into your business that can sustain your dev team without the need for investors.

But cut the wrong way, and you’ll BLEED revenue until your balance sheet is dyed red.

I’ve seen SaaS founders run generous limited-time offers…

…only to have those offers come back to haunt them with the wrong customers, a clogged-up support, and no long-term value generated for their business.

Even when at first everything looked awesome!

So in my latest video, I’ll talk you through HOW to create a limited-time offer the right way. 

If you get this right, it could explode growth for your business, activate those on-the-fence buyers, and lower your CAC, and do all this without any downsides or negative kickbacks.

Let’s go.

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The 5 key points I’m digging into for assembling a rock-solid limited-time offer are:

  1. Know your C.O.G.S.
  2. Pay more, not less
  3. Bundle the OUTCOME
  4. R&D (No- not research and development…)
  5. Promote the deal

Like everything I talk about, success is not accidental – it’s strategic.

I want to show you that time-limited offers are an excellent idea, provided you assemble them correctly.

What’s your experience?

Have you made an offer in the past that still haunts you today? Or do you feel like you nailed it?

Drop me a comment on the video, I’d love to share war stories.


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