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The Power of a Private Facebook Group To Build Your Network

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My barber blew my mind.

I’m sitting there and he’s cutting my hair and we’re talking about advice and mentorship

… so I shared with him this silly Facebook group I started that eventually became one of the most valuable resources in my professional life.

That’s when he told me he was part of a similar group with barbers from other major cities…

… and they all connect online to share best practices, resources and stories to help each other out?!

Mr. Ryan Browne – my barber – has a virtual mastermind group?!!!


That made me smile.

There’s nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with people on a similar journey in life.

People who can support you… push you… and teach you how to show up in the world at a world class level.

The strategy is available to ANYONE.

Yes I’m looking at you.

In this week’s video I want to unlock the secrets to what’s made my private Facebook group so freaking powerful AND differentiated to ensure there’s high engagement.

To ensure you bring the thunder and create a lot of value for the members, I’ve outlined a framework and some guiding principles.

Do this right and you’ll have a loyal and engaged community eager to connect and bring value to each other’s lives.

1) Have a differentiated theme / focus (ex: SaaS Founders)

2) Curate based on shared values, outcome, and diversity of skills

3) Set standards for contribution (ex: – Ask: Journey, – Give: Value, – Praise: Highlight)

After sharing this strategy most entrepreneurs are stressed because they can’t think of great original content to add to the group…

… that’s why I share the #1 tip in this week’s video that I used to solve this problem in no time. It leverages the group and adds a CRAZY amount of value to everyone involved.

If you manage any groups, have tips or questions – be sure to leave a comment to add value to the DM.com community!

The most important thing in life are the connections you make with others.



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