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Don’t Let Your Marketing Get In The Way Of Attracting Bigger & Better Customers

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Are you proud of the work you do?

Are your customers demanding?

Is there enough revenue for you to do your best work?

When I first met Julie she was trying to stay afloat.

Her agency was doing $800K in revenue but she hated her job.

When I brought her team together, I could tell that everyone was super talented but there was no “energy” in their voices.

All I asked was “Are you able to do your best work?”…

… and everyone quickly said “No!”

So then I asked “What would it take for you to have the time & resources to do so?”

… and it was unanimous.

Better bigger clients.

That got me excited because I knew the changes to allow that were easy.

Most companies can’t attract – or worse REPEL – big clients looking to do interesting work because they have three fatal flaws in their marketing.

What I’m sharing this week is the exact same strategy I used to help Julie and her team blast through their plateau, become more profitable, and feel re-engaged by “lighthouse” projects they could be proud of.

The best part is…

Using this framework, and leveraging their talents, we engineered the turnaround in less than 2 months.

To ensure your marketing is on point… follow these guidelines:

1) Solve your bigger customers biggest fears

2) Price yourself OUT of a market for smaller clients

3) Communicate higher end work in your marketing

I know this can feel scary because your “limiting beliefs” and “self doubt” kicks in and says “What if I can’t find any clients?”

In your heart you know that you’re great and that any big customer would be lucky to have you help them.

Write that on your wall, stare at it daily as a reminder of your value.

Then go forward using these strategies!

If you’ve made the transition from small to bigger clients, leave a comment with your specific strategy and the backstory for making this happen.

Remember, it takes a village.

Your stories will inspire others.

Can’t wait to read.


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