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How I Respond To The Naysayers of Bitcoin

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Every time I bring up Bitcoin, people quickly say “I don’t get it”, or “It’s too complicated to use”.  Then I ask them “Guess how many websites existed online in 1993?”. 623.  At the end of 1994 – over 10,000+.

Oh, and how hard was it to use the internet at first? Well you needed to use your phone, dial a number, put it on a special machine, then slowly wait for the content to “download” onto your computer.  But people did it.

It solved a HUGE problem.  The value outweighed the friction for the early adopters and as these issues got resolved with things like; built-in-modems, more website, e-commerce – adoption sky rocketed.  Bitcoin is like the internet of 1994.

For the geeks reading this: Bitcoin is the TCP/IP + HTTP of money.

Need more proof, watch this video.

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