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How To Write A Brand Story Investors Can’t Ignore

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An Coppens is a name to keep an eye on (if you’re not already).

Through her SaaS, she’s building the metaverse for work.

Digital remote workplaces.

It’s awesome stuff.

As you can imagine, she’s a pretty creative thinker who’s never been restricted by any particular box.

In our 1:1 coaching call, An asked a great question:

“How can I attract investors while wearing so many hats?”

As a SaaS founder, you know the feeling…

You’re wearing the marketing hat.

The CEO hat.

Maybe even the developer hat.

We talked about…

The importance of a narrative arc for investors.

Moving from services to SaaS.

And why so many successful SaaS companies began as consulting businesses.

Listen in on our conversation:

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Attracting investors often depends on the STORY you develop.

I give An very specific wording to use that you can use for you SaaS, too.

If you want my team’s insight on the story you’re telling potential investors, we’d be happy to help.

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