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A SaaS Founder’s Guide To Escaping The Code Rewrite Trap

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Ever renovated your house?

If you’ve considered it, you know…

The urge is usually to start with the kitchen remodel.


Because it’s the ONE room that can improve the ENTIRE house.

But maybe you need to focus on the basement or the bedroom or the backyard first.

You don’t always NEED to start with the biggest project OR tear it all back to the studs.

It’s a lot like coding your SaaS.

You might be tempted to rewrite the entire thing…

To start with the big kitchen re-do, so to speak.

But maybe you only need to refactor?

You don’t HAVE to remodel the entire house to improve it, right?

That’s what we talk about in today’s video…

I’ll show you the thinking process to decide if you should rewrite OR refactor your code base.

Check it out…

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Knowing the answer to the rewrite vs. refactor decision

Can save you HUNDREDS or even thousands of hours…

And YEARS waiting to release your product or update.

After you check out the video, I want you to grab the Code Base Remodeller resource.

You can get your copy HERE.




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