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My Journey To Millions: No Pressure, No Diamonds

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I said in my post last week that I’d tell you about my journey to millions…

No pressure, no diamonds!

When you watch today’s video, I’ll tell you about the books I read, the people I surrounded myself with, and the skills I’ve had to learn.

But if you’ve followed my journey at all, you know…

I’ve had to tear some muscle to get from where I was to where I am today.

Building muscle requires “micro-tears” so the muscle can heal and grow stronger in the process.

Same thing with your skillset…

Same thing with your business.

It all comes down to tearing and building the muscle.

I’ll tell you more in today’s video.

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You’re gonna want to watch this video to find out…

  • My reading practice to learn from over 1200 books.
  • The importance of collaboration and learning from others.
  • And the high-income skills I got to learn along the way.

Next week, I’ll be teaching you all about how to create SaaS video ads that drive demand.

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