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5 Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur That You NEED To Know

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When Josh was 18, he saw a young entrepreneur in his town driving a lamborghini…

A guy who lived in the rich part of town.

“Wow, this guy is SO young, and so successful. I wonder what he does.”

Josh was amazed.

And that was it.

Josh didn’t need any more convincing.

He dropped the idea of going to university. And he decided to just follow this guy around until he got a job.

Which worked.

Josh landed work with the guy, soaked up as much as he could, and after his ‘apprenticeship’ was over, Josh went out there to build his own companies…

But like all founders, Josh had to stare his inner demons in the face.

Things like:

  1. How to perform while you’re juggling multiple projects at once.
  2. How to redevelop trust with your team when you’ve screwed up in the past.
  3. How to deal with really, really ugly data (like data stored on CDs)…
  4. How to transition from B2C 90-second sales cycles to B2B sales cycles
  5. How to lead and hire a development team without burning through funding…

And so much more.

This is Josh’s story (and 5 lessons he’s learned along the way).

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Enjoy the video and let me know your top takeaways in the comments.


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