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4 Ways Successful People Overcome Adversity & Maintain Their Confidence

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Imagine you’re the captain of a ship.

You’ve recruited sailors.

You’ve sailed out of the harbour in search of far away treasures…

And now you’re caught in a raging open sea storm.

Water splashing onto your boat from every direction.

Waves so tall your ship could sink at any moment…

And now the self doubt hits you:

“Will we make it? Should I really have done this?”

Sounds a lot like the life of a founder, doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal:

If you’re building a business, it’s going to be HARD.

99.9% of people aren’t ever going to run a multi-million dollar company.

Yet here you are…

You’re walking a narrow road few have walked.

So today, I want to give you my B.O.A.T. acronym.

It’s a framework that’ll help you through those raging SaaS storms, so you can get to your destination in one piece.

With as little ‘founder PTSD’ as possible. 😉

Watch the video here.

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Other than the B.O.A.T. acronym, I also want to cover a few other things like:

  1. Building An Adversity List
  2. What My Mind Sounds Like
  3. Why I Always A.P.I.
  4. Candid Communication Secrets
  5. Strengthening Your Half-Glass-Full Muscles

When I first sailed out of the harbour, I was filled with scarcity and lack.

But over the years of sailing the open seas…

I’ve collected these better beliefs and now I’m able to go from storm to storm with an empowering perspective…

Knowing that whatever happens, I’ll get through it.

And that’s what I want to give you today.

It’s time to become unbreakable.


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