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How To Create a Vivid Vision That Will Transform Your Business

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When we talk about scaling…

What comes to mind as your #1 bottleneck:

Securing capital?

Getting the right people in the right seats?

Dialing in your systems and OKRs?

Well here’s a curveball.

What if it’s none of that?

What if your #1 bottleneck is your VISION?

It’s crazy, I know…

Most founders tell me.

“No no Dan, I got that part down. I’m a visual person.”

You’d THINK the easy part is the vision.

And that the execution is where you fall short.

But actually…?

Very few founders have what I call a “vivid vision”.

Without one, your team lacks autonomy…

They aren’t nearly as excited as you about the future.

And you may even be attracting the wrong people to your team.

You’ll see what I’m talking about in this week’s video.

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A little context for you.

On this call, Chantal and I were talking…

She runs a not-for-profit business in Moncton called Habitat For Humanity.

And she came well-prepared ready to scale.

At first, it seemed like we were going to dive deep with her systems and business model.

But when my vision came up…

And when I asked her this one question I ask all founders.

She was a little lost for words.

(You might be too.)

Watch this week’s video to see what I asked her.

And let me know in the comments your #1 takeaway.


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