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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 33 – Kevin McArdle @ SureSwift Capital

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How do you sell your SaaS?

I mean… how does that process actually look, end to end, from meeting a buyer to pocketing a 7+ figure paycheck?

Buying and selling a business isn’t like walking into a store, picking an item off the shelf and approaching the counter.

There are valuations, due diligence, escrow accounts, handover processes, and more… before the massive paychecks can get cashed.

It’s quite a process.

I’ve sold 3 of my own companies, I’m an investor in 40+ other companies, and as a business coach, I’ve helped clients through many sales and handovers.

So I know how it works.

But I’ve still got nothing on Kevin McArdle.

Kevin is the CEO and co-founder of SureSwift Capital and in the past 4 years…

he bought 34 companies.

No, not invested. Bought. Outright.

Kevin mostly buys bootstrapped B2B SaaS companies, small teams of a founder/ developer with about 3 – 5 contractors whose business makes $25 – $100k MRR.

In other words, he’s the perfect buyer for a small software founder that wants to cash out.

I sat down with Kevin in the latest episode of the Escape Velocity Podcast and quizzed him on everything about buying and selling businesses.

If you’ve ever wanted to ask a SaaS buyer exactly how they think about buying, then this is THE interview you need to hear. 

You’ll get answers to:

  • How much a SaaS will sell for
  • What’s an attractive profit margin for a seller
  • Why SaaS founders sell (it’s not always for the cash)
  • What an end-to-end sales process looks like
  • What a buyer is looking for
  • What terms you can expect in a sales agreement
  • The different stages of a handover
  • How SureSwift capital grow their businesses after purchase
  • How Kevin and his team started their company from scratch

I’m so lucky to interview people like Kevin. 

This guy has a wealth of knowledge and was incredibly generous with his answers, sharing revenue figures, percentages, business names, and more.

I’ve met a lot of business people who like to hold their cards close to their chest.

Not Kevin. 

If anything, I think this interview will show you that there ARE buyers looking for small SaaS companies of only 5 people and they are willing to pay millions for it.

You might be closer to selling than you thought.

Check out the episode here and leave a comment thanking Kevin for his time – I’ll make sure he reads them.



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