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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 22 – Thomas Smale at FE International

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Investors WANT to spend their money.

Yes, they actually want to write big, big cheques.

For years, I believed that the stories of successful SaaS businesses that attracted massive investments were just myths.


Until 3 things happened:

  1. I sold my first company (then did it two more times)
  2. I became an investor in over 40 businesses.
  3. I met experts who specialize in SaaS selling

One thing became crystal clear to me. 

Businesses get bought and sold all the time! The secret sauce is knowing what investors/buyers are looking for, and why.

So let me introduce you to an expert.

Thomas Smale is the founder of FE International… and he has a 94.1% success rate for selling businesses.

Want to debunk those myths? Tune in to this week’s episode of Escape Velocity where I interview Thomas and you’ll get the juicy truths about buying and selling a SaaS.

Thomas’ company is responsible for literally trillions of dollars worth of sales. In this ep, we discuss:

  • How FE International approach sales
  • The truth behind valuation ← You need to hear this!
  • Two baseline stats for explosive sales
  • How your pricing model is the Number 1 sign of growth
  • What buyers look for when acquiring a business

This whole interview is a goldmine. But the best gold nugget is at minute 30 when I asked him:

“Thomas, imagine that we are starting a new SaaS company – the best SaaS company. What needs to be true? What are the characteristics of this business?”


Those answers are everything you need to correct in your business now!

Check it out, and drop me a comment below.


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