Learned Resilience: 5 Useful Reminders To Keep You Motivated Through Hard Times

Learned Resilience: 5 Useful Reminders To Keep You Motivated Through Hard Times

I’ve never been one to watch wrestling. 

Rarely ever step in the ring for a boxing match. 

But despite not being much of a sports guy…

I sure know how it feels to get slammed to the ground by life, kept in it’s chokehold, and kicked in the gut while I’m there.

Failure after failure, problem after problem, it was mentors and business coaches that helped me through everything that went wrong.

And now I give back where I can.

Through SaaS Academy, I don’t just coach SaaS founders through their business problems: I help them with who they are and how they survive life too.

It’s all intertwined. 

So, how do you overcome those tough times when you hit a wall in your business? Or when personal life knocks you off your feet?

I want to give you my 5 perspective-shifting hard-learned lessons in this week’s video:

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  1. Your Worst Is Someone’s Best
  2. Seed of Opportunity
  3. No Pressure No Diamonds
  4. Do What Others Won’t
  5. Call It A Challenge

When times get tough, watch this video. Bookmark it, save it, add it to a YouTube playlist.

Because even if the skies are blue right now, they’ll turn grey at some point.

I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs quit when it gets hard, despite having a great business plan and product.

It takes time to grow resilience, and yet it’s an important ingredient in the formula for success.

Take a few minutes to check out the video right here, and I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment with your answer to this question:

What was the furthest fall from grace you ever had in life or business?


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