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How To Use Online Groups For Massive Lead Generation

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Back in 2020, I decided to build a SaaS pond

…an online group where SaaS founders could hang out, connect with each other, and gain massive value…

All for free.

But before I started the group, I had a few concerns…

“Would I have to go live all the time?”

“How would I keep up with engagement?”

“Will the people in the group create value without me prompting them to?”

And the biggest concern was…

“What if this group fails and ends up a half-baked wasteland for everyone else online to see?”

If you’ve also had these concerns, I got your back in this week’s episode of the Growth Stacking Show.

Here’s how to build an online group where you can fish for ideal customers to your heart’s content.

Exclusive Download: Online Group Builder™ – How To Build A Lead-Generating Online Group In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

In this week’s episode, we’ll go over the following strategies:

  1. How to start your group on the right foot (how to name your group, brand it, and how to get people through the door)…
  2. A mind-blowing strategy I learned from my coach Taki for getting potential buyers to automatically raise their hand (without you saying ANYTHING)…
  3. A smooth tactic to start conversations with group members about your services without coming across as pitchy or salesy…
  4. How to prepare content so you get it all done in a fraction of the time (I do this for all my content so it doesn’t take time away from my other priorities)…
  5. When’s the right time to go fishing in your pond for new opportunities and how to drop strategic hooks…

Plus a ton of other cool stuff.

Using the strategies I’m about to share with you, we quickly grew our SaaS group from 100 founders to over 3000!

And although there’s no cost to join…

It creates opportunities left right and center for us to introduce our coaching services.

It’s like a private pond I get to go fishing at every week for perfect-fit clients.

And know what?

It can work for your SaaS too.

Online groups are a MASSIVE lead gen opportunity for SaaS businesses.

Be sure to watch this episode from start to finish, and discover how to leverage online groups to build a lead pumping machine.

(Also don’t forget to leave a comment on your #1 takeaway.)

Let’s go.


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