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How A.I. Will Change The SaaS Landscape with Martin Cloake @ Raven.ai

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20 years ago, the words “Artificial Intelligence” were more common in Hollywood than in Silicon Valley.

A.I. made for great sci-fi movies… but not for good software.

At best, it was a dream of what the future may be.

But now, in 2021, artificial intelligence is the hottest new tech trend.

Entrepreneurs are building software that can crunch data, predict outcomes and generate results with minimal human input.

When the ONLY thing that matters is providing massive value to your customers, then A.I. can be the cutting edge technology that leaves your competitors for dead.

Imagine having an army of robot employees.

I mean…

It SOUNDS great.

But is there a catch?

Let’s hear from Martin Cloake, the CEO at Raven.ai, a software company using artificial intelligence to optimize manufacturing processes.

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In this week’s GSS Expert Interview, Martin breaks down how Raven uses A.I. for growth, and covers a few other things too related to AI.


  • Why every A.I. formula needs to account for human behaviour
  • Why it’s important to ask a SMALL number of questions
  • How to minimize time waste in ANY production
  • Interpreting basic data to generate clear actions
  • Why data without action = USELESS
  • How selling blinds in a store helped Martin’s engineering
  • Why every employee needs to know how to persuade
  • How to use A.I. to improve SaaS sales calls

Martin is a smart guy, there’s no doubt about it. But what I love about our interview is that he takes these high-level concepts and makes them SUPER simple to understand.

That’s essential to A.I.

The tech that drives AI can be complex… but the actionable insights need to be simple enough for an absent-minded human to get right every time.

As an example of Raven.ai’s success, they helped the Sanofi biopharma facility find $2.4M in additional factory output, even with a $230K reduction in costs.

Yeah, that’s providing massive value on the back of some smart A.I. technology.

Fire up the episode here and I can guarantee you’re going to learn more about where the future is heading.


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