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3 Powerful Ways To Improve The Quality of Your Thoughts

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Business problems suck. But know what’s worse?

Inner demons.

I’m talking about the self-sabotaging habits that creep up just when you’re getting traction…

Or those low energy days when you get up from your desk and wonder “what the heck did I even do today?”…

Or when you wake up to a boatload of head funk or brain fog…

It sucks.

And the reality is:

As the founder and captain of your ship, you’re not allowed to have a bad day.

You always have to be “on”.

Fortunately, over the years, I’ve found 3 practical steps anyone can take to rip negative pathways out at the roots.

And fill that headspace with high-quality thoughts that push you forward, energize you, and give you unbreakable confidence.

Sounds good?

Check out how to do it in this week’s GSS episode.

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In this episode, I want to share with you:

  1. How to remove toxic thoughts and imposter syndrome with one simple shift in habits…
  2. The concept of “slaying the dragon vs avoiding it” (and why it’s often better to avoid the dragon)…
  3. My thoughts on info-consumption and how it could change your life for better or worse…
  4. How to tie an unbreakable knot between your vision + goals and your current reality to boost your energy to new heights…
  5. The one habit that has changed my life and purges me daily of negative thinking/emotions…

It’s a long and tough road being a founder.

But the good news is this:

The benefits of the “thought habits” I’m going to share with you today compound. Fast.

At first, you’ll feel a little less stressed and anxious…

But fast forward a little, and if you stay consistent, you might just wake up a completely different person pumped full of life, clarity, and positivity.

…EVEN when the world is throwing lemons at you.

Enjoy the video and let me know your biggest takeaway in the comments!


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