5 Ways to Create Your Own “Personal” Startup Accelerator

5 Ways to Create Your Own “Personal” Startup Accelerator

Have you ever dreamed of getting your company accepted to a startup accelerator?

For many founders, getting picked by a top accelerator program feels like the holy grail of early stage entrepreneurship.

Overnight, you and your team are given access to world-class mentorship, tight accountability, educational events, and primetime pitching opps.

In short – all things needed to get you to the next level – FAST.

But the popularity of accelerators is a double-edged sword… leading to intense competition between you and your fellow founders.

Acceptance rate hovers around 3-5%.

For the more popular ones (Y Combinator and TechStars) that number is actually closer 1%.

But my message for you today is simple, .

You… and ONLY you, get to dictate the success of your startup.

And if you’re part of the majority of founders who DON’T get picked by a startup accelerator, not only am I going to show you the 5 ways to create your OWN…

… but also why doing so can actually lead to bigger outcomes than the traditional route.

As you can see from the video, there’s nothing contained within even the world’s most elite programs that you can’t create on your own.Mentorship…
Deadlines…They’re all within grasp once you put these 5 strategies into play.

In fact, I’ll argue all day that doing so is even more powerful than landing in an accelerator program.

Because when you claim personal ownership across these areas, you also make massive upgrades to your Founder’s Operating System.

You build up the self-reliance muscles that will serve you throughout your ENTIRE entrepreneurial journey… not just the short-term track that an accelerator would’ve led you through.

So that’s my message for you today.

Give it a watch and let me know in the comments which of these 5 strategies you plan to implement this week.

(Number 1 and 4 can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day).

And as always, please share it with anyone you know who’s considered going down the accelerator route.

To driving your own success (and pushing it full throttle),

– Dan

P.S. After advising over a dozen of the world’s top accelerator programs, I can confidently say that if you have the discipline to follow these 5 strategies, you’ll get just as much out of the experience (if not more) than you would’ve as part of a program.

P.P.S. Finding a mentor is undoubtedly one of the most crucial areas for any founder to focus on. Here’s my best advice on how to land a TOP mentor (without being part of an accelerator).



  • Richard Cinta

    1. I bought and started Reading both books on Founders dinners you recommended
    2. I.commit to putting a San Diego Founders/Startup lunch in 10 days
    3. Boom! My pitch deck is done!!
    4. Watch videos..found a great series of 50 Start Up Videos from Stanford University. I also watch/Listen to your videos in car..at coffee shops..and watch about 10 hours a week!
    5. I commit to start my TourBuddy business on Dec 1st and run a 30 day trial for each city. San Diego, Houston and Austin. And review the results.

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Solid commitment… maybe start with one city first though – less can sometimes = more.

      • Richard Cinta

        Awesome advice! Thanks!

  • Val Tsanev

    I am doing all of what Dan suggests and those strategies absolutely work. Check out Quora, very influential entrepreneurs provide advice all the time, read books but also use Audible to listen to books being narrated if you are like me doing 300 things at the same time. With all due respect to accelerators many of them are overrated, the only accelerator that actually moves the needle is the accelerator of YOU!

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell


      Great to hear!

      re: Accelerators … a neat stat (which I don’t have, only anecdotally) is that many (98%) are just feeders to the top 3-5. Many of the entrepreneurs in YC, 500S, TechStars did a previous program.

      Just interesting to think about.


      • Val Tsanev


        Interesting to hear this, actually I was not aware of this stat although does not surprise me. A few months program can’t never really move the needle substantially for anyone looking to build a meaningful business, entrepreneurship is a contact sport (need to go out there and interact with paying customers, investors, stakeholders) and scaling a company, as you know better than I do, takes years and not months and to succeed you got to sprint anyways so the whole concept of “accelerating” is a bit of a moot point. If you don’t accelerate on your own as an entrepreneur you are dead at arrival.



        P.S. – Thanks for all the videos and insightful advice for all of us first time entrepreneurs. When all is said and done we will be judged by how much we have given and not by how much we have taken.

  • efader

    Launched simplepacks.com in a weekend

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Congrats! Always impressive what can get done in 50 hours.


  • http://makedreamprofits.ru/ Eugene Bos

    Great video as always, Dan!:) About reading books, do you suggest to read instead of listen? I heard that you switched from listening to reading long ago, and i wonder if you think that reading is better than listening… And if so, why? Because its faster?

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Eugene, I actually do both depending on where I’m at… in the car it’s listening (obviously), or when I’m running… other than that I like to read and highlight for review later.

      Most listening is biographies and more story type books, with reading left to content/informational type books.

      Hope that helps.


      • http://makedreamprofits.ru/ Eugene Bos

        Oh, so no special hidden secrets, I started to think: maybe its some mystery in reading, that I don’t understand, thanks for solving that!:)

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