Creating a Sticky Product: Five Phases of a World Class Product Development Process

Creating a Sticky Product: Five Phases of a World Class Product Development Process

A few weeks ago, I hosted a meetup with my SaaS Academy clients in Boston (including a private sit down with the Hubspot product team).

Most of my clients are non-technical founders who noticed a gap in the marketplace and went all in to capitalize on the opportunity.

And while product management tends to be a major blind spot for most non-technical founders, this group walked away armed with the best practices from some of the world’s top SaaS companies (think Hubspot, Intercom, Dropbox).

So how do we do it?

How do we take non-technical founders from a real-life version of the shoulder-shrugging emoji wasting thousands of dollars per month coding features no one really needs

…  to becoming a lean, efficient, top-in-class product manager in a matter of weeks or months?

It comes down to the 5 product management strategies I outline in this week’s episode.

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At a high level, here are the 5 strategies that will help you nail your product management process by this time next quarter:

  1. Outline your vision
  2. Connect customers
  3. Inform backlog
  4. Glue metrics
  5. Secure buy-in

When it comes to “glue metrics”, nobody impresses me more than Intercom (disclaimer: proud investor).

Essentially they measure every potential product feature against something called the R.I.C.E. scorecard.

Doing so gives them a CLEAR and quantifiable “score” to prioritize their product roadmap and make stronger, more confident decisions with more buy-in from all stakeholders.

Want to know what R.I.C.E stands for?

And better yet… how to use it to rank and prioritize the laundry list of feature add-ons taunting you from your PM dashboard?

Catch the full episode here and then drop me a comment letting me know which major update you plan to develop next, and how it scores on the R.I.C.E scale.


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