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How to Run a Remote Team – 5 Strategies To Keep Them Productive

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Did you know that Slideshare.net built their product in India?

Automattic (creators of WordPress) – 2,000 people in a distributed team.

Even GitHub (raised $250M+ in funding) has a global team of remote workers.

The future of teams are distributed.

Over my past 3 companies (Spheric, Flowtown, Clarity) and everything in between, I’ve always had world class team members work from wherever they lived.

In many cases we had an office, but not everyone worked from there – and truth was – we just used it to get together and meet with partners.

Now, over the years I’ve learned A LOT about building and managing distributed teams without sacrificing our culture.

That’s what I cover in this week’s video.

It takes the right people (sourcing), meeting (structure) and systems (tools) to make it work seamlessly.

Here are the 5 key areas that you need to get right to ensure people working in a distributed team don’t feel lost, or disconnected from the vision:

  1. Hire self starters
  2. Hire specialists
  3. Clear objectives
  4. Use video tools
  5. Online project management

Watch the video to unpack each specific strategy, guided by the underlying theme that you should be always over communicating your vision.

Have you ever worked on a distributed team, or managed others from afar?

Leave a message and share your #1 tip with the community.

If you do it right, it can unlock a whole new level of productivity, and a much deeper talent pool to source from.

Can’t wait to read your responses.

Have an incredible day!


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