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5 Innovative Ideas to Help You Leverage the Power of SMS For Your SaaS Company

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There’s some technology out there that I’ll bet you aren’t even using in your business, and it’s a huge conversion booster!

When I tried implementing this tech, you know what happened?

It reduced my sales demo no-shows by 30%… meaning my sales velocity almost doubled!

I also used it to warm up calls before the demos.

So what is this mysterious wonder-tech? Here’s the surprise… you use it every day and it’s been around for years:

SMS. Text Messaging.

No, I wasn’t hunched over my iPhone smashing out texts until my fingers bled. I set up a fully automated system that messaged prospects at exactly the right moment.

Think about it: You spend time (and money) generating leads and getting appointments for your sales demos, but you’re still getting drop-offs, aren’t you? 

A large percentage of those leads just aren’t buying, or heck – they aren’t even showing up!

Causing you to waste precious marketing dollars getting those appointments.

So, anything you do to plug that leaky sales funnel is worth it.

But adding automated SMS to your marketing funnels sounds tricky, right? That’s why I made this video to show you how to incorporate SMS into your marketing:

Exclusive Download: 4 SMS Chat Scripts – Leverage Text Messages to Efficiently Onboard New Customers, Reduce Churn and Increase Expansion Revenue

Email can be ignored, so can social updates. But SMS is immediate and demands a response from the recipient. So, here’s a quick look at the 5 steps to an awesome SMS marketing funnel:

  1. The Three Funnels
  2. Getting The Numbers
  3. Short and Sweet
  4. Catch the Drop-Off
  5. Automate The Flow

To prepare for this video, I worked with Chris at SalesMessage, a company that automates SMS texts for your business. 

He’s one of my coaching clients in SaaS Academy, and we designed the SMS Advantage training together.

Chris sends more than a million messages a week through his software, so he’s got some great insights into using SMS effectively in your business.

It’s all about connecting to the right triggers, when you send them, and what you say in those messages.

If you want to tighten up your conversion rates, plug the holes in your sales funnels and sell more, then check out this video!

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment underneath.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?