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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 14 – Renee Warren at Family Academy

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I can’t believe this…

One of the guys on my marketing team told me he Googled my name and you know what came up as a suggested search term?

“Dan Martell Wife”.

Google only suggests popular searches, so… Does that mean people are Googling who my wife is?! Oh man that makes me laugh.

I’ve got a better idea — How about you meet her?

In this episode of Escape Velocity, I’m chatting with my beautiful wife and partner in crime, Renee Warren.

Not only is Renee an unlimited source of inspiration in my life, but she runs her own business, We Wild Women

She works with female entrepreneurs to help them gain more freedom in their lives by teaching them how to have a better relationship with their partner and their kids.

I’ve worked with so many stressed-out SaaS founders who struggle to balance a relationship with the demands of their business.

So in my eyes, Renee’s work is serving a huge mission that’s needed in todays overworked entrepreneurial culture.

Check out this latest episode where you’ll learn more about what I’m like to live with, and about balancing a relationship with your entrepreneurial drive.

It’s unfair to call this an interview since I gave Renee free reign to speak her mind. But in this episode, you’ll hear us chat about:

  • Work Life Balance (here’s a micro-doc we did on the topic)
  • Relentlessly pursuing ambition when you’re in a relationship
  • Creating 5-year plans individually from your partner
  • How to balance priorities by doing Quarterly Retreats
  • Our weekly Martell Clan meetings
  • How to help your partner when they don’t want your help
  • Relationship resistance
  • Making sure your kids aren’t entitled when they grow up
  • Why we’re sending our kids to public school

Oh and just because I’m married to a woman that helps entrepreneurs have great relationships, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect by any means.

I’ll be the first to admit that living with an entrepreneur is demanding.

We fight. We have our struggles.

But what we have is a support group and structure that keeps us on track and investing in our relationship.

In fact, in this episode, she jokes that she should write a book about what it’s like to live with me.

Her title?

“Living with Chaos”.

This was a fun episode, but I think as a SaaS founder, you’ll really find it valuable too.

If you’re in a relationship, then giving it the love and care it deserves will impact the energy you can bring to your business too.

Tune in here to watch the latest episode or get it on iTunes here.



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