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Startup Family: How To Find Balance When Building a Company

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4 years ago I was living in San Francisco when my fiancee came home and told me she was pregnant.

This happened to be the same week I started my new startup Clarity.

A few months later she decided to partner with a friend and start a new marketing agency Onboardly.

On top of that, we figured we wanted to be closer to family so we started work on a small summer home near our family back home in Canada.

In the middle of all this I raised $1.6M in funding to scale my new startup.

The following 9 months were hectic… but on August 17th, we had a beautiful little boy named Max (or as I like to call him: Mighty Max).

2 months later Renee got pregnant again!

That’s when we decided to build our dream home on a beautiful piece of land we had bought.

Exactly 8 months later we came back from the hospital with our 2nd boy Noah to move into our new home.

(Side note: I’m blessed to have a brother who is one of Canada’s top home builders or this would’ve definitely ended up badly.)

So essentially, in a 2 year period we started 2 companies, built 2 houses and had 2 kids.

To say that those 2 years were crazy would be a HUGE understatement.

The challenge for me is I wanted to be a great entrepreneur AND a great father.

It was definitely during this period that I grew the most as a person.

I studied books on parenting, spent time talking with experts on all aspects of “balance” and started to create a framework to manage it all.

In this video I cover the 5 areas that really provided the most value to achieving this:

Here they are …

1) Boundaries: Understanding when you work and when you play
2) Be Present: Your Kids Want To Play
3) The Two Roles: CEO of Family Inc. & Relationship Inc
4) Block Time: Don’t Prioritize Your Schedule, Schedule Your Priorities
5) Your Why: Don’t Sacrifice Family For Business

Exclusive Bonus: Download a list of my Top 5 productivity hacks (for free!). These are the top “hacks” that help me focus on family AND business.

If you’d like a woman’s point of view, I’d love to have Renee tell you about this in her own words. Check out this video we did together a while back.

If you have any other tips or tricks, be sure to leave a comment with your feedback… I would love to hear from you. I can always improve my game.
Have an amazing day!

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