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Being a Great Entrepreneur & Present Parent: How To Have Both

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In my early 20’s I was a workaholic.

It took a toll on my health, my relationships and my business…

… although I didn’t know it at the time.

Even though the financial outcome of that work ethic resulted in the acquisition of my company Spheric at 28 years old…

… I wouldn’t do it again.

It was stupid.

Since that day, I’ve been on a mission to learn new ways of integrating my life and business.

… and wrestling with the constant question of how to continue pushing my own limits while pursuing growth, WITHOUT hurting those closest to me (or myself in the process).

One of the biggest fears I have is if I’ve I wasted my life.

I made a commitment when I was 17 to honour each day (75K views / 19m06s).

What I want to share in this week’s video is how you can keep that drive, but also ensure you understand how to juggle the multiple priorities – especially if you have kids.

When I work with high performing entrepreneurs I teach them a set of rules to use as they continue to shoot for the stars.

These are the 3 big areas:

1) Always negotiate with your partner. Never dictate what’s going to happen

2) Never sacrifice your business fundamentals & success habits

3) Understand that your family is not asking this of you

That last one usually stings.

It’s usually the biggest lie entrepreneurs tell themselves to justify the hustle and self-martyrdom.

Totally false.

Watch the video to understand how each one is unpacked and integrated into your perfect day & week.

Before you go, I have a question for you…

What are you going to change in your life based on what you just learned?

Leave a comment with those commitments.

I know hundreds of wealthy people who are empty inside.

Don’t be that person.

Learn how to continue being a crazy driven entrepreneur while still showing up in the best way for those you love the most.



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