Nip Negativity in The Bud: 3 Helpful Tips to Remain Motivated Through Hard Times

Nip Negativity in The Bud: 3 Helpful Tips to Remain Motivated Through Hard Times

Growing up, I had to fight off a lot of negativity

I made some big mistakes as a kid and the consequences haunted me for a long time.

So when I tried to get ambitious or even toy with the idea of making a future, it always felt like someone was lurking around the corner, ready to tell me that I’d fail.

Deflating me like a flat basketball. 


I used to think it was just me. But I’ve come to realize that the more ambitious you are and the brighter your light, the more negativity pours out of people around you.

All entrepreneurs struggle with this.

You’re riding a wave of inspiration and – BAM – someone tries to knock you off your dream with “What ifs”.

Finally, after years, I got some clarity about coping with negativity from my buddy Jesse.

He taught me a concept called the tugboat vs the lighthouse. And it just… clicked.

I’m sure you’re facing negativity in your life right now, and I don’t want you feeling deflated like I was. So, can I share this with you?

This week’s video is here to give you strength. Check it out: How to stay motivated when surrounded by negativity.

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I’ll break it all down into 3 easy-to-read points, but you’ve got to check out the video to get the meat from the bone:

  1. Compete Against Yourself
  2. Claim Your Morning
  3. Friendventory

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like to systematize things… and to teach them too! 🙂

Not only does it give me clarity, but it helps me share them with others. I’ve learned that the more I share, the more people give back, and the greater the community of positivity grows around me.

So if you take anything away from today’s video, it’s this: Your positivity is an asset. Don’t let the negativity of others crush you.

Hope this video helps you through your week.


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