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5-Step Game Changing Talent Strategy For Making The Most of Your Team’s Potential

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Freakin’ typography.

Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d learn. Yet I’m proud to say I could now rock the basics like a champ.

Did I take a course? Nope.

Read a book? Not this time.

Instead, I tapped into one of the most underleveraged sources of knowledge capital that EVERY software founder should be capitalizing on:

My team.

Ever since I founded Spheric in 2004, I’ve been hosting regular skill-sharing meetings that allow any and all members to share their unique talents, and in turn, help the team get smarter.

In this week’s video, I cover the 5 components of a monthly meeting that allows your team to rapidly increase its knowledge capital by a factor of 5x.

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At a high level, here’s how to implement this meeting:

  1. Democratize the teaching
  2. Showcase the bright spots
  3. Prioritize the queue
  4. Set a timer
  5. Record it

The first two steps are all about making sure you’re inclusive in the process.

When you break down the hierarchy and allow ANYONE with a cool or valuable skill to step up and teach the rest of the team — you not only create a smarter team, but a more empowered one.

But where this practice can really have a dramatic payoff is with new employees.

Imagine onboarding a recent hire and being able to refer him to a library of 10, 15 or even 50+ recorded training sessions.

Not only does that new hire get a potent dose of best practices and relevant job-related skills, but they get to know the personalities and interests of their colleagues MUCH faster.

Meaning, you get to dramatically ramp up your team’s knowledge capital… AND cultivate an awesome culture at the same time. Pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me 🙂

Give this week’s episode a full watch to learn how to implement it, and then let me know when you plan on hosting your first skill-sharing meeting.


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