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Turning Pro (aka. Stop Fucking Around)

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Note: This message is for the “wantrapreneurs” in your life. Feel free to share it with them.

Alright, here comes some tough love.

Most of you are not acting like founders.

You’re not focusing on actually building a business.

Maybe you fell in love with the idea of starting a company (being a founder)… and once you started you decided it wasn’t fun (hard work)

Well today that stops.

Today I’m going to challenge you to TURN PRO!

To me, this mean claiming your role as the CEO, the leader, the person others look to for guidance.

It means setting a vision, sharing that with the world, and be willing to fail on it’s pursuit.

So enough with the tweeting, customer interviews & conferences.

Today is the day you actually become an entrepreneur…

… someone who steps up and decides to BUILD A FREAKING BUSINESS.

A business require a business model, profits and a killer team.

Stop being a wantrapreneur.

Or better yet, stop fucking around.

Here’s 5 steps to turning pro…

1) Claim Your Role
2) Write It Down. Commit.
3) Show Up Everyday.
4) Progress, Not Perfection
5) Become a Super Student

Now the good news…

It’s actually easier to turn pro then to sit on the sidelines and hope no one notices.

After a few months it becomes energizing.

Everything will start to fall into place, and that vision you had for building a business you love with great customers and a super smart team will actually come true.

But not until you decide.

Today is that day.



P.S I know you have a wantrapreneurs in your life. Well now you can let them know how to turn pro. Feel free to share this video with them.

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