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How to Ensure You Always Hire the Right Person at the Right Time

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I did the numbers a few days ago…

I’ve probably hired over 500+ people, personally.

And I’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of $$$ by hiring the RIGHT person at the WRONG time.

(I’m not even including all the money I wasted hiring the wrong person, period.)

The biggest mistake I made was this:

I was hiring to add CAPACITY to my business.

When founders hire to add CAPACITY, they wake up and spend their whole day keeping everyone busy and on track, following up on tasks that didn’t get done…

They spend most of their nights trying to get caught up, processing their inbox, and trying to make progress on important projects.

Do NOT hire for capacity. Hire for THIS instead…

Hire so you get to spend time on the stuff that lights you up – knowing your team is taking care of everything else.

This is how to take the pain out of hiring.

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If I could sit down with you and give you a simple process for hiring that won’t add more complexity and pain around building your team…

This is what I’d say.

It’s just one of the strategies I teach in my new book: Buy Back Your Time.

In it, you’ll also learn:

  • The 5 “Time Assasins” that are stealing away your time
  • Why the “Get Sh*t Done” mentality is slowing killing you (and what to do instead)
  • The “Buyback” principle, and how it will help you build the life you originally envisioned when you became an entrepreneur
  • How to use the “Replacement Ladder” to hire the right person for the right job at the right time, every time
  • And loads more…

If you feel burned out at the end of the day…

Or you’ve built a business that drains you instead of lights you up….

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