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The Psychology of Exiting Your Business

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It’s hard to say goodbye…

For years, the last thing I thought about every night was my company, Spheric Technologies.

It was part of me. It was me.

My identity was: Dan @ Spheric

And at 28 years old, something happened that changed my life forever.

Someone asked me if I was looking to sell.

Sell? My baby?!

I was stunned.

At first, I didn’t even know how to process it.

Building Spheric Technologies was all I did morning to midnight.

Now, suddenly, I could see this whole world outside of my business. I could see a massive paycheck. I could see complete time freedom.

It was the CRAZIEST thought.

“What if…?”

And perhaps you’ve wondered this too…

Maybe you’ve dreamt of what your life would look like after exiting your business.

It’s scary but thrilling at the same time.

And the real deal is no different.

I’ll tell you right now

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion.

It’s hard on you psychologically. And things can get really messy – especially if you’re not prepared.

So here’s my 2 cents:

I’ve exited 3 companies now. And I’ve worked with a lot of founders to sell their companies too…

Here’s the mindset you’ll need if/when you jump on ‘the exit rollercoaster’:

The Psychology of Your Perfect Exit. >>>

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I want to keep this video short and sweet. In the next 12 minutes, we’re going to cover the following:

  1. Should You Keep It From Your Team? 
  2. The Escalation Process For Getting New Acquirers Involved
  3. “What If They Say No?”
  4. The Red Zone (i.e. getting a letter of Intent)
  5. Post Acquisition: Vesting In Peace

Plus a few other things too…

Let’s get into it!

It’s the entrepreneurial dream…

Sell your company for millions, and have such a large bank account you literally don’t know what to do next.

You can create whatever you want, live wherever you want, and support whoever you want.

But getting there is like climbing a mountain.

You need the right gear. And you have to be in the right headspace…

ESPECIALLY in the later stages of a business exit.

I’ll tell you right now, elbows can get pretty sharp.

The Psychology of Exiting Your Business. >>>

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed recording it.


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