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Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur Who Bootstrapped A Million Dollar Business

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It’s one thing to have a great idea…

But how do you take a crazy idea and turn it into millions per year and then exit?

That’s what we’re discussing in today’s video with my guest Trent Kitsch.

Trent’s a guy that’s done it all.

Right from the get-go, he was faced with uncertainty and rejection.

But Trent pushed through.

He took a bet on himself and went against what others were telling him…

Imagine exchanging a tuition fee receipt for 20k and investing it in a product idea!

That’s what Trent did. He created Saxx underwear with that funding.

Whether you’re building a new company, scaling to one million ARR, or even looking to exit – Trent has been there.

And he has done it with the craziest ideas ever.

Here are Trent’s lessons realized building a million-dollar underwear business. >>>

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In this video, we go deep on what it takes to build businesses from crazy ideas:

  1. Bootstrap Your Way To Selling Your First 10,000 Units
  2. Secure $250k In Funding (The Dragon’s Den Approach)
  3. Creating ‘Goal Cards’
  4. Why You Should Set Bigger Goals
  5. You SHOULD Invest Another Year of Your Life In This…

Plus tons more.

From selling his first product on a table at his college cafeteria to eventually selling an entire company in 2016…

Trent has also co-founded one of the most beautiful wineries in the Okanagan Valley, Kitsch Wines in 2015, with his wife Ria.

And if you think that’s impressive…

After selling Saxx in 2016, he launched Doja Cannabis Company. He took this one public and sold it in 2018.

Talk about a serial entrepreneur!

If you want to know what it takes to scale a million-dollar idea, watch this week’s video right here, right now.


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