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How to Get Better Sleep: The SaaS Founder’s Guide to Increasing Slumber Quality

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Ever noticed my black wedding ring? Want to know a secret about it?

It’s electronic (made by Oura).

It measures a lot of cool stuff about my body, including my sleep.

I didn’t care about sleep for YEARS. It wasn’t until I had kids (aka: human alarm clocks) that I had to dial in my routine and structure.

As soon as I started measuring my sleep, I knew I wanted to manage it better and get more from it.

I wanted a world-class sleep every night.

I met with biohackers and sleep nerds who’ve performed countless studies on what makes sleep great. I read their books, ran my experiments and tuned my body to maximize sleep.

Now I fall asleep almost instantly and get a sleep quality score of 93 / 94 most nights.

My 8-hours each night is so restful that I know I get WAY more out of each day. I’m sharper, more focused, and have clarity of mind. 

I recommend all entrepreneurs improve their sleep.

I don’t expect you to go to the lengths I have. I know it’s not for everyone… but I have some strong opinions on sleep and want to share the short version with you.

If you want to get a quick improvement without all the experimenting, then here it is:

Here are the 6 deep-sleep tips for you that I outline in this video.

  • Daily Dumps (Hilarious name, I know… but stick with me!)
  • Early To bed
  • Cold Room
  • Ramp Down
  • Black Out
  • No Consumption The truth hurts…

I’m no stranger to stress. I bet you aren’t either.

Running your own software business is guaranteed to have stressful moments

But wouldn’t you be a better leader and grow a stronger company if you slept well every night, and could face the stress of each day fully energized?

Just try it.

Don’t believe the myth that you have to run on 4 hours of sleep per night because “there’s too much to do in 24 hours”.

In this video, I mention lots of resources, apps, devices and experts for improving your sleep. I’ve put all of those together into a resource pack for you too.

Although I recommend you start by checking out the video, the resource list is right here when you need it.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?