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The Emotions To Nail When Creating a SaaS Lead Magnet

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If you want a good laugh, watch this week’s video.

There may be some singing / rapping in it (if you want to call it that).

What’s important though, are the lyrics.

“Nurture – nurture – nurture that lead!”

Even more important…

… how many leads are you generating per month?

If that number is 0, or not growing, then the business isn’t growing.


The best way to capture a visitor who’s on your site is to offer them valuable content

… many people call these Lead Magnets.

If you’re doing it right, a great lead magnet will attract your best potential customers,  and entice them enough to exchange their email address.

Over the years I’ve created 100’s of lead magnets, but I always use this framework to evaluate my ideas to make sure they work.

When it comes to creating lead magnets that convert, you need to consider the following:

  1. What’s your focus?
  2. Are you helping them overcome a discomfort, or achieve an aspirational result?
  3. Does this solution meet an urgent need? or is it simply interesting?
  4. Are you targeting a general problem? Or making it hyper-specific and targeted to your most qualified customers??

In this video, I dive into all 4 of those questions and provide a simple framework that you can use to evaluate your lead magnet ideas and pick the one most likely to convert your ideal customer.

If you’ve got an idea for one right now, post a comment with your business / industry and the lead magnet idea.

I’ll reply with my thoughts!


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