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How To Build A Winning Team On A Startup Budget

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“Am I paying my team enough?”

I get it…

I’ve had gaping holes in my business. It’s no fun.

And losing your best people without warning is terrifying.

It’s like trying to walk with a broken leg.

Or play ball with one eye closed.

Even if no one has left your team yet…

There’s always that: “what if?”

But no need to lose sleep over this.

Here’s something that’ll put your mind at ease…

It’s not about the money.

I was explaining this to Manish, a fresh-off-the-boat entrepreneur building a business called Traceable.

He wants to keep his best people.

But he can’t afford to pay them top market rates.

The secret?


Words are your weapons.

Check out today’s video to see what I’m talking about:

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In this video, we cover:

  1. Creating A Purpose-Driven Story
  2. The ‘BHAG’ To Attract (And Keep) Great People
  3. Setting “After-Life” Goals
  4. Your Business 10 Years From Now
  5. How To Attract Incredible People

Remember this:

People want inspiration.

You’ve got to tell a story that gets your team out of bed to do cold calls, to jump on Slack, or to do anything else they need to do.

And if that’s something you struggle with… 

You’ve got to develop this muscle now!

(Before team members start abandoning ship.)

That’s what I’m going to share with you in today’s video.

Let me know in the comments your #1 takeaway.


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