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Make Your Marketing Team The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

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“How to structure your marketing team to produce MASSIVE demand gen results…”

I want to talk to you about an agile approach to generating qualified leads through your marketing team.

Look, it’s NO secret…

Marketing is one of my FAVORITE parts of biz. I love studying marketing. I love marketing books and anything else I can get my hands on. And I love watching my marketing team execute at a high level for my companies.

But know THIS…

If you’re hiring your marketing team, you NEED a playbook.

No more “happens by chance”

You need to use a “happens by strategy” approach.

Marketing is about the problem you solve, the message you send, and the channels you use.

“Marketing” means the FULL stack of steps you need to take.

It’s not running a few ads. It’s designing (and executing) the WHOLE plan.

Check out today’s video to learn more…


I can tell within 30 seconds of talking to a founder if you’ve got marketing under control OR if you’re just wingin’ it…

If you’re that “just wingin’ it” founder, I want you to watch THIS training.


Because how you build your marketing team MATTERS.

This training’s gonna show you the blueprint.





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