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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 36 – Jacco van der Kooij @ Winning By Design

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Take everything you think you know about sales teams

And get ready to throw it out the window.

I mean it.

Sales, as a concept, is still dragging a lot of dead weight from old-school sales gurus chanting “ABC – Always Be Closing!”

The SaaS business model is being polluted by these old ideas that just don’t work.

For decades, we’ve needed a fresh new take on sales training strategies

And I finally found that in Jacco van der Kooij.

Jacco is the founder and co-CEO of Winning By Design, who provide forward-thinking sales training for tech businesses.

I’ve read his books on SaaS sales strategies and loved them so much… I bought extra copies so I could give them to some of my clients to read. 

Yeah, I’m an evangelist.

So when I had the chance to interview him for the Escape Velocity Show, I knew I was in for a hell of a ride.

Jacco, loaded up on Red Bull, drops bombshells of epic sales knowledge like effortless poetry. 

He blew my mind multiple times in this episode which is why I’m telling you… you’ve got to check out this interview!

This is more than just two SaaS-obsessed guys chatting about business: It’s packed with sales lessons. Tune into this episode and you’ll learn

  • How anyone can use good sales techniques
  • Rational impact vs emotional impact
  • The secret to selling B2B: help them pitch their boss
  • Arming your internal buyer
  • Why B.A.N.T. is outdated and killing SaaS sales
  • How to change a customer’s priority with IMPACT
  • Don’t compete for commissions – Collaborate!
  • How SaaS sales success is measured in backend revenue
  • Why “the horse” doesn’t have the problem

Jacco can drink 14 cans of Red Bull in 4 hours (I’m not even kidding).

…But that’s not why I’m impressed.

I’m impressed because here is a guy that truly GETS what great salesmanship for a B2B SaaS looks like, has distilled it into digestible strategies, and is just ridiculously generous with all his priceless knowledge.

Get your headphones and notepad ready because this is the kind of interview you’ll be thinking about for weeks.

Ready? Kick it off here.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?