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How To Raise Successful Kids While Being an Entrepreneur

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As a 3x successful business-owner and founder, my biggest fears about having kids were:

  1. I would be an absent father
  2. I would accidentally raise entitled kids

Those two thoughts made me sweat.

I was terrified.

I was good at business… but what about being a good father?

What if I messed it up?

I thought maybe my obsessive drive meant I shouldn’t ever have children.

Kids aren’t something you can quit if it goes wrong.

So when my wife Renée fell pregnant, it lit a burning need in me to get good at the one thing I felt afraid of.

I NEEDED to be an authentic and present father for my children. I had to get good at this.

I hired the best mentors, coaches and parenting experts, I took the classes, read the books…

I trained. Hard.

And I’m not perfect. Many of my lessons weren’t taught to me from a book, they were learned from mistakes.

But today I’d like to share a new video with the most valuable lessons I can offer you.

Here is how to raise successful kids to be winners.

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My kids are the biggest blessing that’s ever happened to me.

I wasn’t expecting it… I was so afraid about not giving them the right life that I never stopped to think about how much love and light they would bring into mine.

When Renée got pregnant, we were living in San Francisco and I had just closed a round of $1.6M in funding for my company Clarity.

3 months after the birth of our first son we found out we were having another.

Max and Noah are 11 months apart, and I LOVE my boys with all my heart.

That’s why this video is so important to me.

I’m proud to say I overcame my fears and I am 100% a family man AND an entrepreneur at the same time.

But the only way I got there was by truly living the lessons I discovered and shared in today’s video.

Check it out and drop a comment with your best parenting advice. We all could use it.


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