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What Is SaaS? Software As A Service Explained

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I’m super pumped.


The other day, my life-long buddy Martin asked me:

“Uh, Dan… what exactly is a SaaS?

I think he was a bit embarrassed to ask.

He knows I’m a SaaS coach and that I’ve been building companies in this business model for 23 years, but he never really understood what that meant.

I began raving about why I freakin’ LOVE the SaaS business model.

…how it’s getting 40% year-on-year growth.

…why valuations are 5x to 10x top-line revenue (while other businesses get as low as 0.7x)

…how the SaaS model makes an average 87% gross margins.

I mean, these are the facts that make any entrepreneur’s jaw drop!

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is easily the hottest business model in the 21st century with massive opportunities for growth.

So, for Martin (and anyone else scratching their head), I’m SO PUMPED to show you this new video where I share my love and passion for SaaS.

Exclusive Download: Idea to Exit Mini-Course™ – Learn How To Build a Product Without Spending Money & True Customer Validation

If you’ve ever been curious about what exactly I do, this video will help.

I coach SaaS founders, the people that start these software companies and turn their ideas into living, breathing businesses.

I help them steer clear of the mistakes that send a SaaS startup to the graveyard…

So they can benefit from this booming, lucrative industry…

And so they are rewarded for their hard work…

As someone that spends every day optimizing this business model, I made this video to share what I love about this industry to anyone in it or outside of it.

It’s like standing at the peak of a mountain and admiring the view.

We are in a fascinating industry.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.



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