3 User-Friendly Ways To Bring SaaS Customers Back From the Brink of Cancellation

3 User-Friendly Ways To Bring SaaS Customers Back From the Brink of Cancellation

It kept me up at night… 

The entrepreneurial sweats.

I used to dream about it, about how to fix it. 

I read every book on it. Every blog post, every case study. I spoke to other SaaS founders  that fought the same battle. I needed to win.

What battle?

The Battle of Churn.

20% of my customers were leaving. I’d worked hard to win them over and now 1 in 5 would cancel their account every month.

I fought that churn and with time… I brought it down to 8%. 

That’s EPIC! That meant we now had a 92% customer retention rate!

That single battle won us the war. Each new customer brought a greater LTV (lifetime value), our marketing efforts paid greater ROI, and my SaaS became one of the fastest-growing in Silicon Valley.

And you know what proved to be the biggest churn buster?

The Cancellation Page.

Your cancellation system single-handedly confronts your churn rate and boosts your profit. So you’ve GOT to optimize it.

That’s why I made this week’s video for you. The best 7 minutes you’ll spend today, I promise you.

Exclusive Download: Cancellation Capture System™ – The Flow, Design and Copy You Need To Save Cancellations & Learn as Much as You Can Before a Customer Leaves

In this video, we pull apart what makes a robust cancellation system:

  1. Remind The Loss
  2. Align Alternatives (This makes such a difference.)
  3. Win The Why

Don’t EVER let your customers walk away without first asking for their feedback. 

You might think you know why they are leaving, but if you are not reviewing their cancellation reasons weekly, then you do not understand the economic model of SaaS.

You’ve GOT to fix the ‘problem promise’, the reason they joined in the first place.

Look, I know that this is such a pain point for SaaS founders that I wanted to take it one step further than just a video.

I’m including the perfect Cancellation Page Template that you can download today. You’ll get:

  • The full wireframe template
  • The different tabs you need on the page
  • All of the copywriting for the pages
  • The alternatives that I’d recommend

Free of charge, from me to you.

You can win the battle of churn. I’ll help you through it.

Stop by the video here, download your template, and let me know if it was helpful by leaving a comment.


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    Good customer engagement is very important to increase retention. We can send personalized messages to target customers during the time when the user is more active.

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