You Can Only Keep What You Give Away by Dan Martell

You Can Only Keep What You Give Away

By | Community, Financial, Leadership | 19 Comments

I’m about to challenge you in a really BIG way, .

There’s even a chance it’ll make you feel slightly uncomfortable…

Maybe even have you reaching for the tiny X in the corner of your browser.

But that’s perfectly alright…

Cause as an entrepreneur committed to your growth and success, it’s a message you absolutely have to hear.

There’s just no escaping it.

It’s the topic of GIVING.
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How To Create an Authority Engine by Dan Martell

How To Create An Authority Engine (Personal Brand)

By | Leadership, Marketing, Speaking, Startups | 17 Comments

Do you consider yourself to be an expert in your field?

So many founders that I meet aren’t shy to make that claim.

And like them, perhaps you’ve also paid your dues, put in the time, and built something awesome.

But unless the market actually PERCEIVES you as an authority on that topic, all that hard-earned domain expertise isn’t providing you leverage.

That’s just the truth.

Cause here’s the thing…
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Dan Martell - The Founders Mindset

The Founders Operating System: How To Hack Your Mindset

By | Leadership, Startups, Strategy | 25 Comments

A few weeks ago I invited an entrepreneur over to my house to talk about his fundraising process.

He was trying to raise a ~6M dollar series A financing.

Before he kicked it off I shared with him my Fundraising Like a Pro framework so that he would understand the steps required to make the process as painless as possible… but it wasn’t working.

After a few minutes of talking I figured it out…
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Dan Martell - 3 Responsibilities of a Startup CEO

3 Responsibilities of a Startup CEO

By | Leadership, Startups, Strategy | 23 Comments

When I started my first company (MaritimeVacation.ca) at 17 I had no clue what I was suppose to be doing.

I didn’t know if I should be coding or selling?

As the “CEO” what should I be focusing my time on?

In lieu of knowing the answer, I just built stuff.

It’s definitely the reason that company (and the next one) failed.

It wasn’t until 10 years later after reading 100’s of business books and getting great advice from mentors and advisors that I crystallized what my role was.

I learned it came down to 3 key responsibilities.
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