The Right Way to Build a Creative Agency - by Dan Martell.001

The Agency Model: 3 Part Framework For Streamlining Your Business

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Want to know the secret to building a profitable consulting/agency business?

It’s simple…

… and once I tell you, you’ll be looking for it everywhere.

It’s the methodology.

Here’s what I mean…

… if you do any consulting, and you’re just charging for the service (coding / design / copywriting, etc) then you’re getting paid for the hour.

If you have a methodology, then you can shift and start getting paid for the value you bring to that hour. (that’s a Jim Rohn quote btw) Read More

How To Go From Zero To Selling a Product- by Dan Martell.003

How I Validate My Startup Ideas

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Want to know why building a tech startup is TWICE as hard as opening a restaurant?

It’s because both the product AND the market are unknown.

They need to be figured out…

… for a sushi restaurant, you just need to know if people in your city eat sushi – which most do.

So the risk is only in building a great restaurant experience… the market & “product” are proven.

With tech, it comes down iterating and testing both of these assumptions: Read More

How to Focus Your Marketing Efforts - by Dan Martell5

The Marketing Traction Framework

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What is it?

How do you know it’s working?

How do you pick the right strategy?

When I started my very first web company – – I tried EVERYTHING.

Sponsored Newsletter -> Check.
PPC Ads -> Check.
Guest Blogs -> Check.
Partnerships -> Check.

Since then, I’ve pretty much tested EVERY marketing channel out there, either personally or through one of my coaching clients.

Now before you get all excited to learn THE best strategy, let me share a secret with you. Read More

How to Choose the Right Idea to Pursue - by Dan Martell3

5 Key Factors In Choosing The Right Idea For Your Startup

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You probably have tons of startup ideas floating around in your notebook.

All begging for your attention – hoping for the day you’ll double down, gather the courage, and bring it into the world.

But what stops you ISN’T a lack of courage.

It’s a lack of decisiveness – all caused by an overwhelming anxiety that the idea you chose to pursue TODAY will have lifetime ramifications for both you and your family.

It’s no small thing.

And a single wrong decision can set you back years financially and professionally. Read More

Top 7 Mistakes First Time Founders Make - by Dan Martell.001

The Top 7 Mistakes First Time Software Founders Make – And How To Avoid Them

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Here are 3 ways the word “Pivot” is often misused:

1. Used to describe a failure
2. Used to describe a full restart
3. Used to describe a new focus

The word pivot requires that you keep one foot planted in the core idea… and then you take the other foot (your product focus) and focus on a new strategy.

The key is to do it right…

So instead of sharing with you the right way to pivot, I’m actually going to start with the opposite. Read More

9 Ways to Come Up With Great Ideas - by Dan Martell Master.001

9 Ways to Come Up with Your Winning Business Idea

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Are you between companies and struggling to find your next big idea?

Or maybe you’ve got an idea but don’t think it’s very good…

… or perhaps you’re still working a 9-5, desperately searching for THE idea that will convince you to quit your job and take the big leap?

If that’s you, then I’ve got you covered.

I just shot you a quick video sharing 9 different ways you can come up with GREAT ideas to start you business. Read More

Dan Martell Micro Doc.002

“Founder Dinners” a Micro-Doc

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Want to learn how I got invited to spend a week with Richard Branson?

… or how I ended up meeting Mark Cuban, who eventually invested in my last company?

It all started back in 2004.

After 2 failed companies I decided to give it another shot but this time it would be different… I decided to READ!?!

This was the list I started with.

What you won’t find on that book list is THE book that changed my life. Read More

Only Use a Freemium Business Model When the Following 
3 of 4 Things are True  - by Dan Martell.01

4 Rules For Assessing If Your SaaS Idea Is Right For Freemium

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Nothing frustrates me more than a founder using Freemium – not charging – as a business model without understanding the mechanics behind it.

Why do they do this?

Simple. It’s safe!

Without charging for their solution, they don’t have to feel bad when people don’t buy, because the barrier to sign up is low.

It sucks because it slows the founder down from learning if their product is actually any good. Read More

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