Only Use a Freemium Business Model When the Following 
3 of 4 Things are True  - by Dan Martell.01

4 Rules For Assessing If Your SaaS Idea Is Right For Freemium

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Nothing frustrates me more than a founder using Freemium – not charging – as a business model without understanding the mechanics behind it.

Why do they do this?

Simple. It’s safe!

Without charging for their solution, they don’t have to feel bad when people don’t buy, because the barrier to sign up is low.

It sucks because it slows the founder down from learning if their product is actually any good. Read More

5 Things To Get Right When Selling Your Startup - by Dan Martell.01

5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Selling Their Business

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Alright, I need to correct something.

At the 34 second mark of this video… I lied.

I was sharing about the past 10 years in business and I said “I started and scaled 10 companies…”

Now, hopefully we both know that isn’t true (or possible).

The real number is 3, not 10… but still, 3 startups from scratch, scaled to multi-million dollar companies – and exited – not bad, right? Read More

The 3 Things A Business Must Do To Be Successful - by Dan Martell

3 Things A Business Must Do To Be Successful

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The other week I had the privilege of having Greg Crabtree, the author of Simple Numbers, over to my house for dinner.

What I love about Greg is how he simplifies everything down to its core essence…

… or a farm analogy 🙂

I absolutely love the way he teaches and tells stories.

He’s from Huntsville, Alabama and grew up on a chicken farm.

Actually, one of my favourite analogies he mentioned was… Read More

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