How to Be Productive by Dan Martell

4 Ways to Design Your Productivity

By | Life Hacks, Personal | 16 Comments

On a scale of 1-10, how productive do you feel in your business?


6 if you’re lucky?

For a topic so extensively discussed, it’s alarming to see how many entrepreneurs still struggle with productivity.

How even with the BEST intentions and most bulletproof “to-do” lists, our days can still be hijacked by busy work and flash fires, instead of the the needle-moving activities that actually bring us closer to our goals.
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How To Get The Most Out Of An Event by Dan Martell

5 Pro Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of An Event

By | Community, Events, Personal | 9 Comments

Conferences, summits, meetups and masterminds.

All things that involve you zipping up a Samsonite, kissing your family goodbye, and investing a few thousand bucks for the chance to connect with your fellow entrepreneur (while perhaps picking up a key insight or two).

And maybe you absolutely thrive at these events.

Or perhaps like so many others you shrink up and do your best to become invisible.

But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, one thing is absolutely certain.

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Dan Martell - The 3 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Ever Made As a Founder - Thumbnail

My Top 3 Biggest (And Most Expensive) Mistakes I’ve Made As an Entrepreneur

By | Personal, Startups | 19 Comments

Alright, so here’s the deal.

Some entrepreneurs wear their battle scars proudly.

I don’t.

Not ashamed by any means. It’s just not a topic I’ve been racing to the studio to record.

Until now.

Because as a mentor, there’s a responsibility I carry to be transparent about my biggest f*uck ups in the hope that someone smart will heed my warnings and save themselves the months of frustration (or millions of dollars) that I lost because of my own strategic blindspots.
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Dan Martell - Just In Time vs. Just In Case Learning

Lean Learning: Just in Time vs. Just in Case

By | Education, Personal, Productivity, Strategy | 17 Comments

As entrepreneurs, we can get pretty damn obsessive about our growth and learning.

Stacking our kindles with the hottest titles from the business bestseller list…

… and secretly (or shamefully) looking forward to our next cross-atlantic flight where we’ll finally have a chance to catch up on all those latest reads.

But as entrepreneurs, we’re also pretty devout at finding efficiencies and maximizing the return on every investment.

Which makes it kind of crazy how we haven’t learnt how to properly combine the two.

Until now.
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