Respecting you… and your work (Rant)

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If you owned a restaurant and I asked you to suggest a restaurant for me to host an event at – wouldn’t you be pissed?

Well, here’s the deal…

If you email me asking for business advice and you haven’t tried Clarity – then I’ll take it as a personal insult.

Here’s why…

I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life investing every resource I have, building a platform that unlocks 35,000+ of the world’s smartest entrepreneurs & thought leaders and makes them available to you, anytime!

Each and everyone of you.

  • No membership required
  • No “filter” to pass
  • No geographical restrictions

It’s open to all, unlike other organizations.

Yes the experts charge.

But 80% are $1/min.

Sure the top of the top experts are super expensive, but why call them?

Keep this in mind… no one on Clarity is taking calls unless:
a) They think they’re smart
b) They’ve been verified
c) They know that they will deliver more value then the cost

Why would they?

After the call you can leave a public review stating your experience and it’ll be indexed by Google and searchable for anyone else to see – forever and ever. Trust me, these people are great.

If they’re not, we remove them after 2 bad calls + we offer a 100% no-hassle money back guarantee.

So there’s really no risk.

So, back to your emails…

  • Yes I can answer your questions
  • Yes I understand that it’s scary asking a stranger for advice
  • Yes I know it costs money


Why would you insult me by not trying it first?

Think about it.

Now, I’m not heartless… I know we’re friends and I still want to help – but asking me to schedule a 30 minute call and break up my workflow is a big ask when I have less time now than ever before.

It’s kind of why I built Clarity for myself in the first place.

Anyone who’s emailed me, knows that I always reply – it’s probably the Canadian in me – but the number of cold emails has outpaced my ability to do so.

That’s why anyone – willing to pay me for my time – can get on a call with me. I’m $1000/hour, only because that’s the level of commitment I need to feel to do the call (not the price I think I’m worth). There’s a difference.

It’s just a way to show me you’re serious + you really need MY advice. It also means you know that you can leverage the ideas and discussion to do more than the cost.

If that’s not true, then I’m not your guy.

So going forward, I need to ask that you stop emailing me asking me to read your business idea/plan, etc. or to get on a quick call to discuss it.

I just don’t have the time to do one-off meetings/calls etc.

If it’s super important to get face time with me, then fly/drive to where I’m at and not only is it free – the meal is on me.

Need to book time to discuss your ideas? Then it will cost, but I would first suggest you talk to one of the other 34,999 experts on Clarity first – trust me, it’s where I’ve learned everything I know – so you should too.

Just use

If you can’t afford a $30 dollar call, then email me asking for $30 dollars – I’d rather give you that. Easy peasy.

So yeah… I do love you, but it’s got to stop, cause honestly – I’d rather invest that 30 minute conversation in making Clarity even better for the other 400 Million entrepreneurs in the world who will actually use it.

It’s just a better way for me to leverage my time and TRULY help give back in the best way I know possible.

Hope that makes sense.

If you have a business and someone disrespects you by asking you for free advice, or expects to get your help at no cost – then feel free to share this post with them. It really comes down to respect for your life’s passion.

Have you had anyone disrespect your work / business / life by asking for something that felt like a kick in the stomach? Leave a comment below with the story


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  • Completed over 12,000 calls
  • Connected entrepreneurs from across 47 countries
  • Signed up over 7500+ experts & advisors

And today things continue to grow!

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Last year during Summit at Sea, Peter Diamandis gave an inspiring talk that ended up getting used in the video below. His words continue to inspire me to think bigger, work on problems that matter, and surround myself with people who share similar beliefs. Hope you enjoy:

From Peter:

“We are living extraordinary times.”

“Where you’re empowered to do whatever you want.”

“We will, you can, change the world and make it a vision of what you want it to be.”

He closed with

“The question is … what are you going to do?”

“Where are you impassioned?”

“What game are you playing?”

“Play it big!”

All the Summiteers are now part of my extended family. Love you guys.

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Dan Gould's Car - Investor in Flowtown

Time is money. Money buys time. You can get more of one by investing in the other. Both are resources you can use to create a more meaningful life. Things that are important to me are; being close to my family, being creative, travelling, connecting with brilliant people, and solving problems that will leave a dent on the world.

The way I do this is by trading money for time and then invest that time on those things. There’s a bunch of ways to do this, but here’s a quick list of how I spend money for time.

  • Grocery service
  • Driver
  • Assistant
  • Travel agent
  • Maid
  • Laundry service
  • Hiring great people
  • Money manager
  • Property management

I could do a whole post on the services and people that I use, but that’s not the point. The point is how you should look at money and where you should be investing your time. There’s no point in being successful financially if you don’t create time to spend it with those you love the most.

I either hang out with my family and friends, or work. That’s it. On the surface some might think I’m lazy or I like to waste money – but that’s because they don’t understand how and why I do this. I only work on things that I’m uniquely qualified to do and that will act as a force multiplier to create value. Value in my life as an entrepreneur means wealth and relationships. Anything else is a distraction and huge waste of my time.

The way I look at “investing” my money is in myself or other people. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and have an active company that I’m working on – today it’s I also invest in real estate. The other way I invest is in other people as an angel investor. Today I’ve been involved in 15 other companies and have already made a positive return even though 10+ of those companies are still running.

What I don’t waste my money on is car payments, consumer debt, and other expensive crap that’s not useful. If I can’t buy it cash – and will have time to use it – I don’t buy it. Furthermore, most things can be rented – no need to own. On that note, I’d much rather invest in a company or startup then buy a new car. It’s just more fun, and it plays into what I said early: “connecting with brilliant people”.

The truth is I didn’t start off this way. For a long time I did everything myself and nearly got burnt out. Over the past few years I’ve change things around to get more time and it’s allowed me to be more present, focused and effective.

I’m blessed each day I get to create great product, with brilliant people, for customers that I love. I’m fortunate to be able to travel to visit my friends and family all over the world. I wanted to share some of these beliefs and hope to inspire you to look for was you can trade money for time, then use that time for opportunity to create more meaningful value (wealth), or just spend more time with your family.

We don’t need more stuff. We need more time.

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