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Why Courage Is Your #1 Advantage In Entrepreneurship

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life.

At 17 I was driving a stolen car while high and drunk.

With a handgun in a backpack on the passenger seat.

Honestly, it’s a miracle I’m still alive.

(but that’s a story for another day)

The first two companies I started failed miserably.

The third one I almost ran into the ground.

But something happened.

Some might call it luck.

But I learned that luck isn’t something that just happens to you.

We can create our own luck.

It’s a combination of two things.

When you have these two things right,

Luck just sorta happens to you.

I had to learn this the hard way.

Hoping I can pass this wisdom to you so you can avoid some of my mistakes.

This is how to create your own luck

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I’m not much of a gambler…

But I’m willing to bet that if you implement this “luck formula” in your life, you’ll start seeing little miracles in your life.





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